About Tanya

A strong voice for Nipissing and the North, Tanya was born and raised in Corbeil and is proud to call North Bay home. For work and leisure, she has traveled a great deal across Ontario and the North but she will always choose Nipissing for her and her family.

Her drive to help others and to give back has led her to significant involvement with LIPI, the Santa Fund, and her career as a Supervisor at Ontario Works. Tanya has also been a Legion member for over 20 years.

Tanya is a seasoned politician. She is currently the Deputy Mayor for the City of North Bay and has served on City Council since 2008 where she’s been a proven fighter and known for getting things done. The only thing that pulled her away from Council for any length of time was childbirth, and even that didn’t keep her away for long. She has always followed her guiding principle of fiscal responsibility with a social conscience and always remembers to listen.

She has two beautiful young children Sydney and Danielle (Dani) and is proud to raise them with her better half, Dan Nogueira. Her parents are Bill and Gisele Vrebosch (Gravelle) and she has 3 siblings, Lisa, Louise, and Billy.

She understands the importance of making sure the Nipissing riding is a great place for families and she’s determined to ensure her children can grow up proud of their community.

Her previous work experience in economic development, coupled with her education in recreation/leisure services and her current social services experience gives her a well-rounded approach when making decisions.

Tanya is passionate about fixing the broken mental health and addiction system, working with stakeholders to address our housing needs, establishing a reliable and functional Northern Ontario Transportation system (that includes the very important commitment of the restoration of the Ontario Northland Train), ensuring affordable and reliable internet access, supporting economic recovery post COVID-19, tackling labour shortages, and addressing the many systems such as healthcare, childcare and education that have been broken due to COVID-19 and a lack of leadership during the pandemic from the Ford government.

Tanya is always open to hearing from her constituents and does her best to find solutions. Giving broad promises that she can’t be held accountable to isn’t her way — it’s not the way her parents raised her and it’s not the way she carries herself through life.

Tanya is a strong voice for Nipissing and for the North. She will make sure that the concerns from our riding are heard at Queen’s Park and that effective, realistic solutions are developed.

The choice we face today is not just between candidates or parties. It's between the public interest and private comfort. Are we up to that task? Are we equal to that challenge? My answer is yes. With your help, your hands, your voices, and your vote. Tanya Vrebosch