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The choice we face today is not just between candidates or parties. It's between the public interest and private comfort. Are we up to that task? Are we equal to that challenge? My answer is yes. With your help, your hands, your voices, and your vote. Tanya Vrebosch

Steven Del Duca

Ontario is in the fight of its life. Steven Del Duca is a leader who will be relentless in the pursuit of progress, who will work night and day and never stop fighting for a better Ontario.

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Statement from Steven Del Duca on National Kids & Vaccines Day

January 27, 2022

TORONTO – Ontario Liberal Leader, Steven Del Duca issued the following statement: “Today on National Kids & Vaccines Day, we…

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Ontario Liberals Release Emergency Long-Term Care Plan

January 26, 2022

TORONTO – Ontario Liberals are proposing a comprehensive, three-pillar plan to tackle the ongoing fifth wave crisis in our long-term…

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Doug Ford’s Half-Measures Threaten More Closures

January 25, 2022

TORONTO – Ontario Liberals are calling for strengthened vaccine certificates to ensure a safe reopening of Ontario’s economy, so that…

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